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Leveson inquiry

Andy Coulson

Wanted: a new Andy Coulson to save Cameron from himself

Media Watch
Thu 29 Mar, AT 08:00

As the PM suffers a Blairesque 'Jackie Milburn moment', he clearly needs help polishing his man of the people act


Lobbyist scandal retoxifies the Conservative brand

Opinion digest
Mon 26 Mar, AT 12:24

Opinion digest: Tories can't shake the taint of privilege, do Fergie's 'mind games' really win titles?


Brooks affair raises chances of PM being called by Leveson

Wed 14 Mar, AT 09:16
The Mole

Downing St has to concede that Cameron may have to talk - on oath - about his News International ties

Yvette Cooper

Labour's leading lights refuse to give up on the Sun

Media Watch
Mon 12 Mar, AT 14:53

Yvette Cooper joins David Miliband in defying Ed to write for Murdoch's new Sunday tabloid

Rebekah Brooks

'Brooks won't get a fair trial because of Leveson' - lawyer

One-Minute Read
Fri 9 Mar, AT 09:17

Comments made at inquiry about former editor and other journalists could be contempt of court


Watson set to raise axe murder under parliamentary privilege

Wed 29 Feb, AT 14:16
The Mole

Tom Watson, scourge of Murdoch, is expected to make new claims about murder of private eye

Church accepts £600,000 for hacking but rejects apology

One-Minute Read
Mon 27 Feb, AT 15:07

After she and family were harassed, singer says NotW was only sorry it got caught

'Culture of illegal payments at Sun,' police chief tells Leveson

First Post
Mon 27 Feb, AT 13:59

Sensational new claims could explain why Sunday edition of the paper was rushed out so fast


What to do about Rupert? Sun crisis threatens coalition split

Mon 13 Feb, AT 10:37
The Mole

Senior Lib Dems believe Murdoch's right to broadcast needs revisiting in light of arrests