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Watson set to raise axe murder under parliamentary privilege

Wed 29 Feb, AT 14:16
The Mole

Tom Watson, scourge of Murdoch, is expected to make new claims about murder of private eye

Boulton accused of sexism over 'simpering woman on the left' slur

Media Watch
Wed 18 Jan, AT 09:45

Frustration at Leveson lawyer's interrogation of Guardian editor lands Sky man in trouble

Kelvin MacKenzie

Guardian gets Pulitzers, Sun gets jail, claims MacKenzie

One-Minute Read
Mon 9 Jan, AT 13:14

Former Sun editor attacks Anne Diamond and The Guardian at Leveson inquiry

Piers Morgan on celebrity bins and other ethical matters

Media Watch
Wed 21 Dec, AT 11:18

Former Mirror editor admits to Leveson that going through bins is 'on the cusp of unethical'