Lewis Hamilton

14 Nov, 2011

Vettel's puncture helps, too, as Hamilton puts heartache and Massa feud behind him

31 Oct, 2011

A crash of egos in Formula One is just the latest in a long history of feuds in world sport

31 Oct, 2011

The Formula One rivals collide for a sixth time this season at the inaugural race in Delhi

21 Oct, 2011

F1 driver and pop star Scherzinger break up under X Factor pressure

Lewis Hamilton
10 Oct, 2011

He was expected to rewrite the F1 record books, but now he’s second fiddle at McLaren

Lewis Hamilton
27 Sep, 2011

Ex-champ Jackie Stewart says Lewis needs to work on 'mind-management' - butMcLaren back their man

Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton race at the Italian Grand Prix
12 Sep, 2011

McLaren complain about Schumacher swerving to deny Lewis Hamilton chance to overtake

Jenson Button
01 Aug, 2011

McLaren driver triumphs in the rain, but is it too late McLaren to challenge Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel?

Lewis Hamilton
26 Jul, 2011

Driver wanted to spend more time on the podium savouring his victory in the German Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton
25 Jul, 2011

Beleaguered McLaren driver’s surprise victory is vindication for his attacking racing style