Nick Clegg, Lib Dem Party Conference

Nick Clegg conference speech an 'electoral suicide note'

Talking Point Thu 19 Sep, AT 09:53

By admitting the Lib Dems have blocked popular Tory measures, Clegg took a big risk, say critics

Huhne texts reveal bitter family split with son

One-Minute Read Mon 4 Feb, AT 16:08

Chris Huhne's teenage son threatened to tell police that his father pressured ex-wife over speeding

Are Osborne and Cameron right to scrap mansion tax?

Talking Point Mon 8 Oct, AT 16:39

Chancellor wins over Tories by scrapping property levy but two-thirds of public are not convinced

Nick Clegg sings sorry: could autotune video rescue deputy PM?

Video Thu 20 Sep, AT 13:06

Nick Clegg’s original YouTube tuition fees apology was a disaster - but the spoof is making waves


President Mitt Romney 'is just what Britain needs'

Opinion digest Tue 24 Jul, AT 10:55

Opinion Digest: Why Romney offers economic hope and how Vince Cable could save the coalition

Cameron rattles Tory cages with pro-Europe interview

First Reaction Thu 19 Jul, AT 15:30

The Prime Minister says he would never want to leave EU – and reveals he intends to take the tube to the Games


Cameron and Clegg head to New World as Coalition civil war flares

Mon 18 Jun, AT 09:50 The Mole

While the Tory and Lib Dem leaders fly off to G20 and Rio+20 summits, their MPs are fighting for the soul of the government

Nick Clegg

Nick Clegg tells Leveson he respects 'iconoclastic' Murdoch

First Post Wed 13 Jun, AT 14:02

But the Deputy Prime Minister also suggests the media has become obsessed with the inquiry


Leveson: Vince Cable digs a big hole for Jeremy Hunt

Wed 30 May, AT 13:14 The Mole

Lib Dem refused to engage with News Corp interests during BSkyB bid – unlike Hunt

If we must reform House of Lords, ban the main parties from it

Point of View Wed 9 May, AT 12:02

The upper house is far more cosmopolitan than the House of Commons. Here's how we could keep it that way