Lib Dem

General election 2015: who is going to win?

Thu 5 Mar, AT 15:32

With Ukip, the SNP and even the Greens gaining ground, anything could happen at the 2015 General Election

David Laws

Sex education debate: Lib Dems say 7-year-olds must learn facts of life

First Reaction
Tue 26 Aug, AT 13:18

Labour back Lib Dem proposal, but why is sex education still such a controversial issue in the UK?

Flags outside European Parliament

European Elections: what the parties have to say for themselves

Thu 22 May, AT 07:59

Upcoming vote will give people a chance to make their feelings clear about the EU and immigration

Nick Clegg, Lib Dem Party Conference

Nick Clegg conference speech an 'electoral suicide note'

Talking Point
Thu 19 Sep, AT 09:53

By admitting the Lib Dems have blocked popular Tory measures, Clegg took a big risk, say critics

Huhne texts reveal bitter family split with son

One-Minute Read
Mon 4 Feb, AT 16:08

Chris Huhne's teenage son threatened to tell police that his father pressured ex-wife over speeding

Are Osborne and Cameron right to scrap mansion tax?

Talking Point
Mon 8 Oct, AT 16:39

Chancellor wins over Tories by scrapping property levy but two-thirds of public are not convinced

Nick Clegg sings sorry: could autotune video rescue deputy PM?

Thu 20 Sep, AT 13:06

Nick Clegg’s original YouTube tuition fees apology was a disaster - but the spoof is making waves


President Mitt Romney 'is just what Britain needs'

Opinion digest
Tue 24 Jul, AT 10:55

Opinion Digest: Why Romney offers economic hope and how Vince Cable could save the coalition

Cameron rattles Tory cages with pro-Europe interview

First Reaction
Thu 19 Jul, AT 15:30

The Prime Minister says he would never want to leave EU – and reveals he intends to take the tube to the Games


Cameron and Clegg head to New World as Coalition civil war flares

Mon 18 Jun, AT 09:50
The Mole

While the Tory and Lib Dem leaders fly off to G20 and Rio+20 summits, their MPs are fighting for the soul of the government