Liberal Democrats

Tim Farron
24 Jul, 2015

The newly elected Liberal Democrat leader said his personal Twitter account had been hacked

Liberal democrats
16 Jul, 2015

'I know Tim will do us proud,' says Nick Clegg, as Westmorland and Lonsdale MP takes his place

Kennedy Lauugh
02 Jun, 2015

The former Liberal Democrat leader on politics, integrity and not taking things too seriously

Danny Alexander
08 May, 2015

Surge of Scottish Nationalist support may unseat Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander

Westminster Houses of Parliament big ben
07 May, 2015

The polls are deadlocked and few are predicting anything other than a hung parliament

Ed Miliband
06 May, 2015

Polls suggest the election is too close to call as leaders of the main parties rush around the country

Danny Alexander Liberal Democrat MP
30 Apr, 2015

Danny Alexander leaks what he claims are 'secret' Conservative plans for £8bn of welfare cuts

23 Apr, 2015

Institute for Fiscal Studies accuses four main parties of failing to inform voters of their plans for the country

17 Apr, 2015

Investigation claims UK's foreign aid target has led to 'spending frenzy' with big multilateral agencies

 Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg
06 May, 2015

After tuition fees fiasco, Clegg gives five manifesto pledges 'near religious status' in any coalition deal