Ebola: why the fight against the disease is far from over

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Fri 6 Mar, AT 10:38

As Liberia releases its last Ebola patient, the virus continues to spread in other West African nations

Ebola: charity to investigate how British nurse caught the virus

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Mon 5 Jan, AT 09:59

Save the Children will 'leave no stone unturned' as Pauline Cafferkey's condition worsens in London hospital

Which of these diseases is the greatest threat?

Wed 15 Oct, AT 11:49

Ebola is a frightening disease, but others kill far more people without generating international alarm

Health workers

Ebola response: who has donated the most?

Fri 17 Oct, AT 12:43

The UN launches an emergency appeal for funds as China is criticised for its failure to contribute

Cameron warned to improve or face no-confidence vote

First Reaction
Fri 1 Feb, AT 10:53

Tory plotters are 'polishing their knives', telling the PM he has until summer 2014 to lift his game


You're either Downton Abbey or Homeland – or a lunatic

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Tue 16 Oct, AT 12:16

Opinion digest: the Sunday night dilemma, African leaders, absurdity of the ‘feminist' Julia Gillard


Brown's Leveson turn reminded us of when we had strong leaders

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Tue 12 Jun, AT 11:44

Opinion digest: the Leveson Inquiry, changing voter preferences and immigration

Charles Taylor given 50 years in British jail for war crimes

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Wed 30 May, AT 13:13

Ex-Liberian president is convicted by the International Criminal Court of offences including murder and rape

Charles Taylor found guilty of aiding Sierra Leone war crimes

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Thu 26 Apr, AT 13:06

Former president of Liberia helped rebels plan atrocities and was paid in 'blood' diamonds