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Libor rate-fixing scandal

Rate-rigging: RBS among banks hit with record £1.4bn EU fines

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Wed 4 Dec, AT 13:55

European Commission fines banks that formed illegal cartels to rig benchmark interest rates

After Libor, could silver and gold become the next scandal?

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Thu 14 Mar, AT 12:14

The price of gold has been set in London by five banks since 1919 – but can it be manipulated?

RBS banker John Hourican is 'fall guy' for Libor scandal

First Reaction
Wed 6 Feb, AT 10:23

Is the RBS investment chief being 'sacrificed' to quell public anger over the bank's massive fines?

Barclays headquarters at Canary Warf

Crime to rig the Libor rate under radical overhaul proposals

First Post
Fri 28 Sep, AT 07:16

Martin Wheatley aims to ‘press reset button’, closing loopholes that made Barclays scandal possible

Spoof Barclays ad mocks Libor rate-fixing scandal

Thu 5 Jul, AT 14:19

Comedian sends up bank's metaphor-heavy ads by explaining saga in voice of Stephen Merchant


Agius quits to save Bob Diamond - but he was due to go anyway

Mon 2 Jul, AT 07:38
The Mole

Barclays chairman falls on sword – but with new claims against Bank of England, it will solve nothing

Barclays' Bob Diamond

Barclays investors call for Bob Diamond to quit as FBI steps in

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Sun 1 Jul, AT 16:15

14 Barclays traders face FBI probe while two leading shareholders want management gone