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Libor scandal

Libor scandal pay-out by ICAP is 'embarrassment' for Tories

First Reaction
Thu 26 Sep, AT 11:25

Labour demands Tories return £4.8m donations from Michael Spencer whose firm is embroiled in scandal

ICAP fined $87m over Libor: how the scandal has unfolded

Wed 25 Sep, AT 16:43

Broker agrees to pay American and British regulators over rate rigging, as traders face charges

Praise for report that says 'jail reckless bankers'

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Wed 19 Jun, AT 12:13

Government urged to implement commission's radical proposals, but will they work?

Tom Hayes first person in UK to be charged over Libor

One-Minute Read
Tue 18 Jun, AT 16:03

Former trader has been charged with eight counts of fraud following his December arrest

'Greedy bastards': investor, 75, attacks Barclays bosses at AGM

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Fri 26 Apr, AT 10:02

Widower Joan Woolard applauded after telling execs: 'I don't understand how you sleep at night'

Barclays to cut 3,700 jobs and close tax avoidance unit

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Tue 12 Feb, AT 10:05

Bank's new boss pledges 'fundamental change' as profits fall after a year of scandal

Libor scandal: three bankers arrested

Wed 12 Dec, AT 08:19

Serious Fraud Office arrests bankers over conspiracy to rig Libor

RBS under investigation for violating US sanctions on Iran

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Wed 22 Aug, AT 13:20

US investigating RBS Iran transactions following Standard Chartered’s $340m settlement

US regulators summon seven banks over Libor scandal

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Thu 16 Aug, AT 10:49

Subpoenas for Barclays, HSBC and RBS prepare ground for investors to sue banks involved


RBS nationalisation mooted by fed-up government

Talking Point
Thu 2 Aug, AT 10:41

Frustration at failure of banks to lend gets anti-Osborne forces talking