Egyptian defence minister and his French counterpart in the presence of President Sisi

Egypt buys French fighter jets as press rattles sabre

First Reaction
Wed 18 Feb, AT 13:32

Egyptian newspapers are full-throated in their support for military action against Islamic State

 Migrants in Tripoli, Libya

Islamic State 'hopes Libya will be gateway to invade Europe'

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Wed 18 Feb, AT 09:50

Jihadists want to cause 'pandemonium' in Europe according to letter by Islamic State propagandist

Relatives of Coptic Christians murdered by Islamic State mourn their loved ones

Coptic Christians: who are they and what do they believe?

Mon 16 Feb, AT 14:59

A sizeable minority in Egypt and Libya, Coptic Christians attach great importance to prayer and fasting

Armed threat as 2,000 migrants rescued from Med

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Mon 16 Feb, AT 09:35

Italian coastguard threatened by Kalashnikov-wielding men during the operation, in an 'alarming' new twist

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi making a televised statement

Egypt 'avenges' Coptic Christians killed by Islamic State

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Mon 16 Feb, AT 09:07

Islamic State targets in Libya hit by Egyptian forces after militants behead 21 Christians in gruesome video

Illegal migrants near the coast of Tripoli, Libya

Migration: why Libya is the critical link in a deadly chain

Fri 19 Dec, AT 14:54

Most people trying to cross the Mediterranean without papers come through the lawless north African state of Libya

Oil industry worker

Oil price surges after Saudi airstrikes on Yemen

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Thu 26 Mar, AT 16:35

Improving eurozone confidence is also boosting the oil price, which some say fell 'too far, too fast'

Why is Libya being governed from a Greek car ferry?

Wed 10 Sep, AT 12:54

Libya's parliament has decamped to a ship in the country's east, while Islamist militants roam the capital of Tripoli

A charred plane at the Tripoli aeroport

Libya cut off as Tripoli airport comes under rocket attack

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Tue 15 Jul, AT 10:57

Government considers asking for international help as 90% of planes destroyed in latest attack

Charles Laurence

Morning Glory rescue: US Navy Seals were due some better PR

Tue 18 Mar, AT 09:45
Charles Laurence

Will the Seals' Mediterranean adventure help restore their 'super-hero' reputation after Osama revelation?