27 Jul, 2015

UK government investigating possible links between Islamic State in Libya and the recent terrorist attacks in Tunisia

Rescued migrants arrive in Messina, Italy
16 Jun, 2015

After taking in 60,000 refugees Italy says it will enact a 'Plan B' if no agreement is reached

15 Apr, 2015

The Italian coastguard has rescued at least 144 people from the Mediterranean, including babies

Egyptian defence minister and his French counterpart in the presence of President Sisi
18 Feb, 2015

Egyptian newspapers are full-throated in their support for military action against Islamic State

 Migrants in Tripoli, Libya
18 Feb, 2015

Jihadists want to cause 'pandemonium' in Europe according to letter by Islamic State propagandist

Relatives of Coptic Christians murdered by Islamic State mourn their loved ones
16 Feb, 2015

A sizeable minority in Egypt and Libya, Coptic Christians attach great importance to prayer and fasting

16 Feb, 2015

Italian coastguard threatened by Kalashnikov-wielding men during the operation, in an 'alarming' new twist

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi making a televised statement
16 Feb, 2015

Islamic State targets in Libya hit by Egyptian forces after militants behead 21 Christians in gruesome video

Illegal migrants near the coast of Tripoli, Libya
19 Dec, 2014

Most people trying to cross the Mediterranean without papers come through the lawless north African state of Libya

10 Sep, 2014

Libya's parliament has decamped to a ship in the country's east, while Islamist militants roam the capital of Tripoli