A charred plane at the Tripoli aeroport
15 Jul, 2014

Government considers asking for international help as 90% of planes destroyed in latest attack

Charles Laurence
18 Mar, 2014

Will the Seals' Mediterranean adventure help restore their 'super-hero' reputation after Osama revelation?

03 Feb, 2014

As efforts continue to neutralise Syria's chemical weapons, Gaddafi's stockpile has been eliminated

Margaret Thatcher funeral cost
03 Jan, 2014

PM realised 1984 shooting at Libyan embassy demonstration would go unpunished, documents reveal

03 Jan, 2014

Increased US production and a deal in Libya prompts biggest one-day drop in oil prices for a year

Crispin Black
11 Oct, 2013

The Anglo-French military intervention has brought neither security nor stability to Libya

01 Feb, 2013

Cameron has bet his political life on renegotiating membership: hence the help for France in Africa

Crispin Black
25 Jan, 2013

Or did he only just come up with the idea in order to cover his tracks over Libya?

Libyan man inside the US compound in Benghazi
25 Jan, 2013

Schools or gas facility among mooted targets as westerners are urged to leave 'lawless' city now