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Where will captive Saif al- Islam Gaddafi face trial?

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Sun 20 Nov, AT 10:09

Muammar Gaddafi's son and heir has been taken prisoner, the last of the regime to fall

Violence fills vacuum as NTC struggles to control Tripoli

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Mon 7 Nov, AT 13:55

Armed gangs take advantage of weak leadership while cash crisis makes daily life difficult

Crispin Black

Execution of Gaddafi's men is not shocking - it's war

Thu 27 Oct, AT 07:28
Crispin Black

Old prisoner of war films paint an unrealistic picture - British soldiers were often shot out of hand

Help! What Gaddafi wrote to his friend Berlusconi

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Wed 26 Oct, AT 13:16

A letter apparently sent by Gaddafi while he was on the run begs Italian PM to halt Nato intervention

Gaddafi burial demands published while NTC stalls

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Mon 24 Oct, AT 15:41

Former dictator’s will is posted on his website, but what will be done with his body?