26 Oct, 2011

A letter apparently sent by Gaddafi while he was on the run begs Italian PM to halt Nato intervention

24 Oct, 2011

Former dictator’s will is posted on his website, but what will be done with his body?

23 Oct, 2011

Mahmoud Jibril agrees to investigation, but bigger worries exist as old rivalries begin to surface

21 Oct, 2011

They’re cheering Gaddafi’s death in the West, but for different reasons to the Libyans

21 Oct, 2011

He may have been a Mad Dog to some – but to others he was a best friend

21 Oct, 2011

Evidence points to the desposed dictator being executed by his captors on the way to hospital

20 Oct, 2011

At least two videos appear to confirm the death of Gaddafi (with video)

21 Oct, 2011

New footage has emerged which shows the late Libyan leader alive just after being pulled from a drainpipe

21 Oct, 2011

Rice’s security men were ordered out and Gaddafi produced his video, ‘Black Flower in the White House’