Gaddafi’s death lets the West off the hook

Talking Point
Fri 21 Oct, AT 14:47

They’re cheering Gaddafi’s death in the West, but for different reasons to the Libyans

Venezuela and Zimbabwe lead tributes to Gaddafi

First Post
Fri 21 Oct, AT 13:41

He may have been a Mad Dog to some – but to others he was a best friend

Death of a despot: final moments of Col Gaddafi

First Post
Fri 21 Oct, AT 14:40

Evidence points to the desposed dictator being executed by his captors on the way to hospital

Videos of Gaddafi’s dead body spread across internet

Thu 20 Oct, AT 14:08

At least two videos appear to confirm the death of Gaddafi (with video)

Video shows moment of Gaddafi’s capture

Fri 21 Oct, AT 11:57

New footage has emerged which shows the late Libyan leader alive just after being pulled from a drainpipe