My dinner with Gaddafi, by his ‘African princess’ Condi

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Fri 21 Oct, AT 12:48

Rice’s security men were ordered out and Gaddafi produced his video, ‘Black Flower in the White House’

Summary execution was the best way for Gaddafi to go

Fri 21 Oct, AT 17:14
Crispin Black

A trial would not have brought closure – it would have raked up the divisions of the past

Gaddafi killed by rebel fighters in Sirte

Thu 20 Oct, AT 23:34

Reports claim the former leader has been killed in his home town

muammar gaddafi libya

It’s game over in Libya ­ but where is Gaddafi hiding?

Mon 17 Oct, AT 16:16

NTC forces have destroyed Sirte and penetrated Bani Walid ­ and the bulldozers are flattening his compound