Video shows Hana Gaddafi survived Reagan bombing

Fri 23 Sep, AT 16:25

Footage shows Colonel Gaddafi and his sons playing with the ‘little heroine Hana’ who he claimed was dead

Nicolas Sarkozy David Cameron in Libya

After Libya, back to reality for lucky Camo and Sarko

Fri 23 Sep, AT 10:16
The Mole

What they gained on the battlefields of Libya will be of no use to them at home

Tony Blair Col Muammar Gaddafi

‘Dear Muammar’... More tales of Blair’s Libya links

Tue 20 Sep, AT 11:14

A third secret trip by Tony Blair to Libya is revealed – was there a Lockerbie connection?

Blaise Compaore

Burkina Faso’s president learnt at Gaddafi’s knee

Tue 6 Sep, AT 17:02
Venetia Rainey

Blaise Compaore attended the training camp for violent dissidents founded by Gaddafi

Blaise Compaore and Colonel Gaddafi

Gaddafi convoy enters Niger sparking talk of exile deal

Tue 6 Sep, AT 08:56

Have the French negotiated a deal to allow Gaddafi to seek exile in Burkina Faso?

Col Muammar Gaddafi Libya

Was China selling arms to Gaddafi only weeks ago?

Mon 5 Sep, AT 15:43

China admits that Libyans came shopping but says no arms were sold: paper trail tells another story

Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi

MI5 and the Libyans: it’s not all the spooks’ fault

Mon 5 Sep, AT 08:28
Crispin Black

Intelligence work requires a broad mind and elastic morals - and we were wooing Gaddafi at the time

Tony Blair and Colonel Gadaffi in 2007

Fears about al-Qaeda led MI5 to cosy up to Libyans

Sun 4 Sep, AT 13:20

Documents found in Tripoli show MI5 asked known torturers for help in fight against terrorism

Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling

M15’s links with Gaddafi regime exposed; Keira shocker; Brown ‘deluded’

Sun 4 Sep, AT 10:28

Pick of the news reports and comment from the Sunday newspapers

Abdelhakim Belhaj

Abdelhakim Belhaj – from enemy to trusted leader

Fri 2 Sep, AT 16:51
Venetia Rainey

Was it right to put Belhaj, a known Islamist, in charge of Tripoli’s military council?