Lily Cole

Lily Cole in The Iliad

The Last Days of Troy – reviews of 'vivid' Homer play

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Mon 19 May, AT 07:41

Critics 'fascinated' by Lily Cole's full stage debut as Helen in raw new Homer adaptation

Woo! exposes Juergen Teller's sexy and sensitive sides at ICA

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Tue 29 Jan, AT 07:38

Teller's naked celebrity snaps grab attention but his pensive family photos win over critics

Pete Doherty - Confession of a Child of the Century

Pete Doherty film Confession of a Child of the Century panned

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Tue 22 May, AT 13:02

Critics at Cannes turn on former Libertines singer's 'fidgety, sniffling' acting debut

Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger becomes latest rock star to reject Cameron

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Wed 25 Jan, AT 08:16

Rolling Stones frontman pulls out of Davos tea party after suggestions he is a 'closet Tory'