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Liu Xiaobo

Anger as Nobel winner Mo Yan defends Chinese censorship

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Fri 7 Dec, AT 09:21

Salman Rushdie calls author a 'patsy' as he compares censorship to airport security

Ai Weiwei angered by Mo Yan Nobel Prize for Literature

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Thu 11 Oct, AT 16:09

Communist Party welcomes China's first Nobel Prize for Literature, but fellow artists are unimpressed

Lien Chan, Taiwan

China’s anti-Nobel plans fail to go peacefully

Fri 10 Dec, AT 10:35

Confucius Peace Prize winner refuses his award, while Chinese restaurants take the brunt in Oslo

Liu Xiaobo

China could force Nobel award to be postponed

Fri 19 Nov, AT 15:29

The prize will not be presented if none of Liu Xiaobo’s family can attend Oslo ceremony

Liu Xiaobo, Nobel Peace Prize winner

China livid as Liu Xiaobo wins Nobel Peace Prize

Fri 8 Oct, AT 15:39

Human rights campaigner wins prize, but Beijing warns of consequences for Norway over ‘blasphemy’