Lloyds returns to profit: now will Osborne sell?

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Thu 1 Aug, AT 10:49

Chancellor expected to start disposing of government's shares after bailed-out bank bounces back

UK economy 'on mend' at last as GDP boost forecast

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Mon 22 Jul, AT 11:15

Hopes for a jump in growth for second quarter as five surveys provide positive outlook

Moody's praises UK banks and upgrades outlook

Thu 11 Jul, AT 10:38

Big banks would be able to withstand another financial crisis and profits are set to rise

George Osborne heralds Lloyds Bank sell off

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Thu 20 Jun, AT 10:00

The chancellor also announced that the UK is 'out of intensive care' in his Mansion House speech last night

Mansion House: Osborne hints at pre-2015 Lloyds sale

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Mon 17 Jun, AT 11:15

Chancellor will announce 'transition phase' in his Mansion House speech on Wednesday

Co-op Bank's £1.5bn 'bail-in': a rescue without taxpayer cash

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Mon 17 Jun, AT 10:46

Bank to raise capital by turning bonds into shares, but critics say mutual status is under threat

Ex-HBOS chief James Crosby is stripped of his knighthood

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Wed 12 Jun, AT 10:05

Former chief executive asked to return his title in April after savaging from banking standards commission

Lloyds admits failings over PPI complaints after Times sting

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Tue 11 Jun, AT 12:01

Undercover reporter says he was told to ignore fraud fears and 'play the system'

Is Lloyds Banking Group sell-off months away?

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Mon 10 Jun, AT 12:40

George Osborne is expected to signal desire to begin reprivatisation of Lloyds and RBS by next general election


Lloyds, HSBC, RBS and Barclays to have axed 189,000 jobs by 2013

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Wed 29 May, AT 12:26

Figures show banks will have cut their headcount by 24% to a nine-year low of 606,000,