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Bank of England

Banks fail to exploit Funding for Lending scheme for good of all

One-Minute Read
Tue 5 Mar, AT 10:02

Building societies and banks lend £2.4 billion less despite scheme designed to boost credit

Barclays, RBS payouts spark fresh outrage

First Reaction
Wed 30 Jan, AT 10:23

Bank wants to pay chief massive bonus despite year of scandals

Bank of England

Mortgage and corporate loans finally rising, says BoE

Fri 4 Jan, AT 08:35

Credit Conditions Survey shows positive trend - but one economist warns against over-reaction

Walker plans clear-out at Barclays

One-Minute Read
Thu 25 Oct, AT 14:50

New CEO set to replace most non-executives over next six to 12 months

Britons would rather bank with John Lewis than HSBC or Lloyds

One-Minute Read
Wed 29 Aug, AT 12:01

Mistrust in disgraced banking giants is revealed by new survey


British banks downgraded, but is anybody listening to Moody's?

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Fri 22 Jun, AT 09:19

Fears of higher borrowing costs to customers might be overdone, as downgrades have been long anticipated

Barclaycard PayTag

Can Barclaycard succeed where Google has failed with PayTag?

First Post
Thu 19 Apr, AT 10:23

Stick-on contactless credit card is a jerry-rigged alternative to Google Wallet


How HSBC made £13.8bn profits while UK rivals faltered

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Mon 27 Feb, AT 15:09

'Pedestrian' institution's reliance on retail banking and global reach helped it put RBS and Barclays in the shade

Lloyds announces £3.5bn loss as RBS boss defends bonuses

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Fri 24 Feb, AT 12:48

Stephen Hester argues that a bank that did not pay bonuses would fail


After Lloyds, will RBS bankers face bonus clawbacks?

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Mon 20 Feb, AT 12:53

Lloyds is set to take back more than £1m from its senior executives after losing £3.2bn in PPI scandal