London Mayor

25 Mar, 2013

If Mair was auditioning for a permanent TV role he could quickly run out of guests, says Nigel Horne

21 Feb, 2013

Clegg is a 'great big vacillating jelly of indecision' over immigration, says London mayor

07 Feb, 2013

Mayor demands to know when ministers are going to stop using 'posh limos' to get round London

10 Dec, 2012

Mayor of London to look at radical proposal to save money by moving police station front counters

30 Oct, 2012

Editor and proprietor of ConservativeHome at odds over the contentious Aussie spin doctor

09 Oct, 2012

PM laughs at Naughtie's suggestion that he should post Johnson abroad – but refuses to stamp Boris out

08 Oct, 2012

London mayor champions the ‘squeezed middle' as senior commentator fantasises over a Boris Cabinet

03 Jul, 2012

Opinion digest: the swimming edict and why we must decide – are we in or out of Europe?

Boris Johnson
01 May, 2012

London Mayor uses colourful language on TV but remains well ahead in the polls