London Olympics

31 Jan, 2013

She's only 23, but the four-times Olympic medal winner is preparing to walk away from the pool

25 Jan, 2013

'Austerity isn't working': 0.3% contraction renews calls for U-turn as Britain faces triple-dip recession

13 Dec, 2012

Newcastle United owner eyes up department store as Sports Direct profits rocket

12 Dec, 2012

Commentators point to popularity of Jessica Ennis as indication of successful multi-culturalism

Amazon logo
04 Dec, 2012

VAT avoidance over six years by Amazon and other multinationals could have paid for London Olympics

26 Nov, 2012

Director uses Evening Standard Awards night to plead for increased support for arts from UK government

08 Nov, 2012

London council's decision to cash in on sculpture donated by the artist has provoked howls of anguish

25 Sep, 2012

British PM will emulate his Tory rival Boris Johnson when he appears on the Late Show but is this wise?

15 Aug, 2012

Outgoing BBC boss is to become CEO of the New York Times, rival to Murdoch's Wall Street Journal

09 Aug, 2012

Olympic diary: Cameron says we're driving the French 'mad', flying ants invade Olympic park