London Olympics

Jeremy Paxman

Win tickets to see Paxman at Stratford lit fest

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Fri 13 Apr, AT 13:03

Newsnight host Jeremy Paxman is among the speakers at the Stratford Literary Festival

Diver Tom Daley

Coach slams Tom Daley for doing too much media work

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Wed 15 Feb, AT 09:54

'The people in Great Britain are mistakenly convinced that he is the best in the world. He's not'

Londoners letting rooms for the Games risk £20,000 fine

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Thu 9 Feb, AT 16:13

Planning to rent your home to Olympic tourists? You'll have to jump through legal hoops first


Bring on the fire-eaters – has PM taken leave of his senses?

Tue 6 Dec, AT 13:02
The Mole

Backbenchers aghast at extra £40m to be spent on London Olympic ceremonies

US to send 500 FBI agents to London Olympics

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Mon 14 Nov, AT 08:27

Organisers annoyed by American demands over 2012, as security crisis looms

'Bizarre' London 2012 Olympic posters baffle critics

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Fri 4 Nov, AT 16:30

Designs from 12 artists have been unveiled as part of 2012 cultural festival

LaShawn Merritt

LaShawn victory sparks drug fears for London 2012

Fri 7 Oct, AT 11:35

LaShawn Merritt’s lifetime ban has been overturned, clearing the way for dope cheats to compete