London Olympics

Jeremy Paxman
13 Apr, 2012

Newsnight host Jeremy Paxman is among the speakers at the Stratford Literary Festival

Diver Tom Daley
15 Feb, 2012

'The people in Great Britain are mistakenly convinced that he is the best in the world. He's not'

09 Feb, 2012

Planning to rent your home to Olympic tourists? You'll have to jump through legal hoops first

06 Dec, 2011

Backbenchers aghast at extra £40m to be spent on London Olympic ceremonies

14 Nov, 2011

Organisers annoyed by American demands over 2012, as security crisis looms

04 Nov, 2011

Designs from 12 artists have been unveiled as part of 2012 cultural festival

LaShawn Merritt
07 Oct, 2011

LaShawn Merritt’s lifetime ban has been overturned, clearing the way for dope cheats to compete