25 Jul, 2014

BBC2's unexpected hit series reveals just how much Edinburgh and London have in common

A police barrier
One-Minute Read
22 Jul, 2014

Girls as young as 11 targeted in 'sket lists' as a form of revenge seen as less risky than carrying a knife

An electric car driven by Christine Lagarde
In Depth
10 Jul, 2014

Thousands of vehicles will be available for hire in London next year – but how will the scheme work?

Riders cross the finish line at the end of the second stage in Sheffield
In Depth
07 Jul, 2014

How Tour de France road closures and Tube congestion will affect travel in London and beyond

CCTV footage of suspects officers wish to trace
One-Minute Read
09 Jun, 2014

Police are investigating a homophobic attack in which bleach was sprayed at a man in London

One-Minute Read
14 Aug, 2014

Demand for houses in London has fallen more sharply than elsewhere in the UK

04 Apr, 2014

Anxiety over booming property market grow, and as prices rocket homeowners should cash in

One-Minute Read
30 Mar, 2014

The Bubonic Plague of 1348 was actually a pneumonic plague, say scientists studying skeletons dug up in London

21 Mar, 2014

Political uncertainty in the UK, City scandals and restricted bonuses have all damaged the capital

Angela Merkel
28 Feb, 2014

The CDU is a collectivist party, deeply suspicious of the Tory individualist ethos, says Daniel Hough