‘Criminal inquiry’ call after G20 police attack is filmed

News Wed 8 Apr, AT 01:00

Video posted by the Guardian shows a ‘sickening and unprovoked attack’ by police on the man who died during the G20 protests in London

G20: Brown downplays his once high hopes for unity

News Mon 30 Mar, AT 14:27

There are five key topics for this week’s summit. But outbursts from Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy mean a follow-up will be necessary

Police tactics set the scene for violent G20 showdown

News Fri 27 Mar, AT 13:31

By talking up the likelihood of a ‘summer of rage’, the Metropolitan Police risks creating the very unrest that it seeks to dispel

‘Political policing’ of G20 protests could lead to riots

News Wed 25 Mar, AT 12:36

Police warnings that protests against next week’s G20 summit in London could turn violent are provocative and likely to be self-fulfilling