London bus

London police tell Austrian tourists to delete photos

News Fri 17 Apr, AT 01:00

An Austrian photographer interested in public transport is told by Metropolitan police to delete pictures of buses, trains and stations

‘Criminal inquiry’ call after G20 police attack is filmed

News Wed 8 Apr, AT 01:00

Video posted by the Guardian shows a ‘sickening and unprovoked attack’ by police on the man who died during the G20 protests in London

G20: Brown downplays his once high hopes for unity

News Mon 30 Mar, AT 14:27

There are five key topics for this week’s summit. But outbursts from Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy mean a follow-up will be necessary

Police tactics set the scene for violent G20 showdown

News Fri 27 Mar, AT 13:31

By talking up the likelihood of a ‘summer of rage’, the Metropolitan Police risks creating the very unrest that it seeks to dispel