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Boris Johnson falls into Quaggy waterway in Catford

Boris Johnson falls into Lewisham river

Thu 4 Jun, AT 17:01

The London Mayor found himself in cold water when he lost his footing in the Quaggy waterway while trying to clear it of rubbish

Best Books... Amanda Craig

Tue 28 Apr, AT 12:08

The journalist and author Amanda Craig chooses her six favourite London novels

Tamil protest

Tamils march in London as Sri Lanka mops up Tigers

Mon 20 Apr, AT 01:00

Tamil protestors stepped up their protests in London today as the Sri Lankan government gave the Tamil Tiger separatist guerillas 24 hours to surrender

More videos show police violence at G20 protests

Mon 20 Apr, AT 01:00

Two new videos and a report on police behaviour issued by climate change campaigners will increase the pressure on the Metropolitan Police

London bus

London police tell Austrian tourists to delete photos

Fri 17 Apr, AT 01:00

An Austrian photographer interested in public transport is told by Metropolitan police to delete pictures of buses, trains and stations