Video of Jon Stewart poking fun at Diamond Jubilee coverage goes viral

Video Tue 5 Jun, AT 19:40

US comedian finds something to laugh at as Piers Morgan gets excited over a boat turning

counterfeit coins

Three men charged after Britain's biggest ever fake coin raid

One-Minute Read Fri 25 May, AT 11:14

Police have seized £4.1m worth of fake pound coins in London and home counties raids

Marylebone station

Chiltern Railways commuters hit with 'comedy' announcements

First Post Mon 14 May, AT 14:37

Rail franchise persuades Tony Robinson to teach staff to tell jokes over the tannoy

Petersham Nurseries Cafe

After Gyngell, Petersham Nurseries Café blooms again

Hot Ticket Thu 10 May, AT 08:14

Iconic café is in safe hands with Greg Malouf's new Middle Eastern flavours

Francois Hollande

London prepares for mass influx of French tax evaders

One-Minute Read Wed 25 Apr, AT 11:33

But will crossing the Channel get them off the hook? Hollande plans to renegotiate reciprocal taxation

Siobhan Benita

Siobhan Benita shakes up the Ken and Boris mayoral show

First Post Mon 16 Apr, AT 09:26

With only 17 days to go, London mother-of-two gets wind massive boost from high-profile supporters


Tories have become Murdoch's Defenders: it's a gift to Labour

Opinion digest Thu 3 May, AT 11:55

Opinion digest: Cameron's damaging relationship with Murdoch, London's mayoral election, and China's blind prophet