Gerard Depardieu

Actor Gerard Depardieu joins French tax exiles in Belgium

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Fri 9 Nov, AT 16:06

President Hollande blamed for driving out a ‘national treasure’ with planned 75 per cent top tax rate

UBS bank

3,000 jobs to go at UBS London

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Wed 31 Oct, AT 12:15

Reports claim that half the Swiss bank's City workforce are in the line for the axe

UBS bank

UBS London bankers locked out

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Tue 30 Oct, AT 13:53

The Swiss bank's announcement of major restructuring to result in 10,000 job cuts

Farringdon tube mice cause rolled-trouser panic in London

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Tue 28 Aug, AT 15:26

Spoof sign in London Underground station introduces world to dangerous ankle-biting mice

Lima, London restaurant

Lima serves 'beautiful' fusion food from Peru's rich culture

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Wed 8 Aug, AT 07:43

For those with an adventurous palate, the dishes at Lima are a revelation and great to look at

Rogue traders 'running riot' in the City, claims Nick Leeson

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Tue 7 Aug, AT 13:16

Bankers have nothing but 'contempt and disdain' for the rules, says the man who brought down Barings

Brasserie Zedel – Paris style and low prices in the heart of London

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Mon 16 Jul, AT 07:53

The team behind the Wolseley have launched a nostalgic but excitingly cheap new venture