Lord Ashcroft

Columnist Don Brind
06 Mar, 2015

And in London, Ed Miliband’s party pulls 12 points ahead of the Tories - best since last May

Columnist Don Brind
05 Mar, 2015

Polling shows two main parties could tie on 272 apiece - with surging SNP holding the balance of power

Columnist Don Brind
03 Mar, 2015

Two new polls show Tories leading Labour – while Feb average has them ahead for first time in three years

Columnist Don Brind
26 Feb, 2015

Lib Dems in danger too: Simon Hughes likely to lose Bermondsey, seat he’s held for 30-plus years

Columnist Don Brind
25 Feb, 2015

As for Labour and Conservative chances on 7 May, it’s another day of ‘poller opposites’

Columnist Don Brind
24 Feb, 2015

Tories still have a problem persuading voters that the positive economic news benefits all, not just the rich

Columnist Don Brind
17 Feb, 2015

Tories get morale boost from six-point jump month on month – but another poll shows support diving

Columnist Don Brind
16 Feb, 2015

Loads of money was lost in 2010 backing Tories to win an overall majority. Now they're doing it again

Columnist Nigel Horne
10 Feb, 2015

Asked what beverage Miliband would be, a focus group suggested ‘a drink nobody would order’

Columnist Don Brind
08 Feb, 2015

Lord Ashcroft forced to apologise: Ed Miliband gets a break – he’s actually miles ahead in Doncaster