Lord Ashcroft

Ashcroft gives up non-dom status to stay in Lords

News Wed 7 Jul, AT 14:06

Architect Lord Foster is among five peers who have opted to quit rather than give up tax-free status

Lord Ashcroft

Ashcroft lawyers force BBC to shelve film

News Thu 18 Mar, AT 12:13

Unlikely Panorama investigation into Tory peer’s tax affairs will be shown before election, if at all

Lord Ashcroft

Calls mount for tax inquiry into Ashcroftgate

Wed 3 Mar, AT 19:38 The Mole

The Mole: Cameron says media are flogging a dead horse. Oh no they’re not

Lord Ashcroft

Ashcroftgate piles on the pressure for Tory party

Tue 2 Mar, AT 16:40 The Mole

The Mole: Row over Tory banker’s tax status puts Dave on back foot again

Lord Ashcroft

Why did Ashcroft admit he has ‘non-dom’ tax status?

News Mon 1 Mar, AT 14:59

The Tory party’s biggest donor comes clean after FoI request from Labour MP Gordon Prentice

Lord Ashcroft

Ashcroft ‘lent millions’ to disgraced Caribbean PM

News Thu 19 Nov, AT 07:54

Tory party vice-chairman’s influence ‘puts democracy at risk’ on Turks and Caicos