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Lord Leveson

Cameron won’t reject Leveson findings, says Charlotte Church

One-Minute Read
Wed 10 Oct, AT 16:02

Singer holds talks with PM over media regulation and is 'comforted' by outcome

Murdoch took decision to run Harry pics, despite Leveson

First Post
Sun 26 Aug, AT 11:04

Media baron intervened personally, telling Sun to publish naked shots of prince in Las Vegas

Prince Harry photos: Fleet St's finest search for naked truth

Media Watch
Thu 23 Aug, AT 10:56

British newspapers refrain from publishing photos of naked prince - but still find plenty to say

Lord Justice Leveson

Will Leveson inquiry leave us with more than happy memories?

Tue 29 May, AT 07:53
Richard Ehrman

Lord Leveson is in a very familiar dilemma: take on the press and be savaged, or roll over and be dismissed as a patsy

Tabloids are running scared of Leveson, claims Max Clifford

Media Watch
Thu 15 Dec, AT 08:59

Will celebrity journalism ever be the same again, asks the reality stars’ go-to PR man?