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Lords reform

David Cameron

How many more Lib Dem 'deals' before Tories give up on coalition?

Mon 8 Oct, AT 07:58
The Mole

Behind the scenes in Birmingham, more and more Tories say they'd rather run a minority government

Jesse Norman disappears amid rumours of 'Get out' threat

Thu 12 Jul, AT 11:06
The Mole

But Tory rebel leader had a good reason to stay in his constituency after Strangers' Bar incident


John Terry trial: why is football racism bad but sexism OK?

Opinion digest
Thu 12 Jul, AT 11:05

Opinion digest: the John Terry racial abuse trial and coalition wobbles

Tory rebellion kills all chances of another coalition with Lib Dems

Wed 11 Jul, AT 07:40
The Mole

More Tories than ever are now convinced that they could form a government without the Lib Dems


Watch out Cameron – Fatty Soames is on the warpath

Mon 9 Jul, AT 07:37
The Mole

Tory grandee Nicholas Soames adds his weight to backbenchers threatening to wreck Lords reform


Lib Dems use Tory peer's AmEx dinners to push Lords reform

Tue 19 Jun, AT 08:36
The Mole

Lord Fink's offer of dinner in the House of Lords for American Express clients shows why change is needed, say Lib Dems

If we must reform House of Lords, ban the main parties from it

Point of View
Wed 9 May, AT 12:02

The upper house is far more cosmopolitan than the House of Commons. Here's how we could keep it that way

House of Lords reform: we're in danger of Lib Dem stitch-up

Tue 28 Feb, AT 08:30
Richard Ehrman

No one wants Clegg's changes, especially the peers - even titled turkeys won't vote for Christmas