Los Angeles Times

07 Jan, 2013

Which start-ups will make it big this year and can web dinosaurs like MySpace be revived?

03 Aug, 2012

New version of 1990s hit disappoints those who recall Arnold Schwarzenegger's moody original

03 Aug, 2012

Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis star in a blissfully vulgar tale of a pot-smoking, trash-talking stuffed bear

13 Jul, 2012

Soderbergh's enjoyable male stripper romp is more than ab-deep, but will there be a 3D version?

Police standing guard outside Benito Juarez airport
26 Jun, 2012

Rogue cops were running drugs-trafficking operation of out Mexico City international airport

Garry Trudeau
12 Mar, 2012

Garry Trudeau's cartoon is suspended or moved from comic section for satirising Texan rules