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Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson escapes jail at domestic abuse hearing

Sat 12 Mar, AT 11:25

Actor gets off with 16 hours’ community services - despite taped threats to kill and bury his ex-girlfriend

Lonnie Franklin Jnr, Grim Sleeper suspect

Grim Sleeper probe: fears for 160 missing women

Fri 17 Dec, AT 13:09

LAPD publish photos of unidentified women found at home of suspected serial killer

Missile vapour trail Los Angeles

Mystery ‘missile vapour trail’ seen over LA

Wed 10 Nov, AT 14:58

US military says it does not know what caused the contrail spotted by TV cameraman

Rodney King

Rodney King to marry juror who gave him $3.8m

Thu 9 Sep, AT 09:03

Man at the centre of the 1992 LA riots speaks as city suffers new unrest over shooting of immigrant

Porn star goes on run in LA after sword attack

Fri 4 Jun, AT 10:13

Fetish actor Steve Driver on loose in ‘Porn Valley’ after killing co-star Tom Dong with samurai sword