Louise Mensch

Picture posted by Emily Thornberry showing a Strood house covered in England flags
21 Nov, 2014

Labour MP Emily Thornberry quits after tweeting picture of a Strood house covered in England flags

Don Brind
29 Apr, 2014

Tory who branded David Cameron 'an arse' will cause awkard by-election if he stands down

17 Apr, 2013

Magazine provokes 'sexism storm' with 'Titler' list, but décolletage ranking may be 'Sloaney feminism'

Hilary Mantel 190213
19 Feb, 2013

Author calls pregnant Duchess a 'doll' with 'no personality' - but have critics missed the point?

13 Feb, 2013

Known for his quips, the 50-year-old is serious about his chances in Chris Huhne's former seat

30 Nov, 2012

Rowan Atkinson's character Sir Edmund Blackadder is reincarnated as the head of a bailed-out bank

sally bercow lord mcalpine libel case
20 Nov, 2012

The Speaker's wife has had her account deleted, but many mourn her departure

David Cameron
16 Nov, 2012

The road to Downing Street runs through Corby, says jubilant Labour victor; Lib Dems lose their deposit

13 Nov, 2012

Only party committed to withdrawing from ECHR is targeting Louise Mensch's former supporters

29 Oct, 2012

Peter Mensch claims she thought she’d be ‘killed’ at next election. ‘Not true,’ says Louise