Louise Mensch

24 Oct, 2012

Voters may not be crazy about Ed, but swing would give Labour an outright majority in a general election

17 Oct, 2012

Labour leader lands punches over 'Plebgate' – before David Cameron's 'inner Flashman' appears at PMQs

21 Sep, 2012

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07 Sep, 2012

Opinion digest: The Republicans won't beat Obama, and shale gas - the green option for Britain

Andrew Strauss
29 Aug, 2012

KP could be even more isolated now Strauss has gone, amid rumours of a career in politics

28 Aug, 2012

Outgoing MP feels the wrath of Dorries after defending The Sun over the naked Prince Harry photos

22 Aug, 2012

Opinion Digest: male politicians' rape failure and why we have no right to condemn Russian justice

07 Aug, 2012

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06 Aug, 2012

Drugs, rows and dressing up - Mensch has had a colourful two years in the House of Commons

06 Aug, 2012

Ed Miliband handed golden opportunity as Tory MP quits to join husband and family in New York