Lucian Freud

Study for Regrets, 2012

Jasper Johns – review of Regrets show at Courtauld

Hot Ticket
Tue 23 Sep, AT 07:39

Johns's new work, inspired by the death of friend Lucien Freud, is 'a major art world event'

Taylor Swift sent death threats for relationship with Harry Styles

The Tabloids
Mon 19 Nov, AT 13:01

Tabloid tales: One Direction fans send death threats, Kate Moss has Lucian Freud tattoo, Rihanna's £200K fines

Lucian Freud and Rowan Williams

Archbishop officiated at Lucian Freud’s funeral

Sun 18 Sep, AT 14:25

Rowan Williams was good friends with painter and secretly presided over his Highgate Cemetery burial

Lucian Freud

‘Funny, miserable, kind’ Lucian Freud dies at 88

Fri 22 Jul, AT 11:38

Sigmund’s grandson and Clement’s estranged brother, Freud was one of UK’s most respected artists

Lucian Freud

How Lucian Freud got into debt with the Kray twins

Fri 26 Feb, AT 10:42

Artist owed gangsters £500,000 because of his gambling addiction

Lucian Freud self portrait black eye

Revealed: how Lucian Freud got hit by a cabbie

Wed 20 Jan, AT 09:08

Self-Portrait with a Black Eye goes on sale 32 years after fight with London taxi driver

Sir Clement Freud, 1925-2009

Radio show panelist & MP Clement Freud, 1924-2009

Tue 28 Apr, AT 13:22

A great all-rounder and acerbic wit whose talents were all-too-often overshadowed by those of his more famous relatives