Lynton Crosby

David Cameron arrives at EU summit in Brussels

'No third term': Tory MPs shocked by Cameron blunder

First Reaction
Tue 24 Mar, AT 09:16

Commentators too are genuinely puzzled: Cameron risks being a lame duck PM if he wins election

Cameron gets his way as TV debates finally fixed

Sun 22 Mar, AT 20:42

Four televised events okayed - and PM gets away with his plan to evade face-to-face with Miliband

Columnist Don Brind

Tories take four-point lead in two polls: but is it a trend?

Tue 10 Mar, AT 09:39
Don Brind

Will it relieve tensions between Aussie election guru Lynton Crosby and those whinging Tory Poms?

Columnist Nigel Horne

The Good Right: a soft ‘n’ furry Tory alternative

Thu 19 Feb, AT 08:39
Nigel Horne

Tim Montgomerie and Stephan Shakespeare propose a new compassionate Conservatism. Here’s how…

The Mole

Stop ‘unfair’ attacks on Ed Miliband, urges Tory Gove

Fri 6 Feb, AT 09:02
The Mole

Labour high command will be flabbergasted by his honesty: will he now come to Clegg’s defence?

Columnist Don Brind

Cameron attacked by Sun for leaving immigration off agenda

Mon 12 Jan, AT 11:51
Don Brind

‘You have to wonder if he really wants to win’ says Murdoch paper as PM seeks to avoid Ukip territory

The Mole

‘Empty chair’ threat to PM if he won’t join TV debates

Fri 9 Jan, AT 09:55
The Mole

Cameron accused of ‘chickening out’ of TV debates because he fears Farage’s impact on Tory voters

The Mole

Morning One goes to Labour as NHS dominates discussion

Mon 5 Jan, AT 09:38
The Mole

Economy, economy, economy says Cameron’s election guru – but not everyone’s playing by his rules

Nick Clegg

Lib Dem wealth tax leak: new levy on £50k earners proposed

Mon 16 Sep, AT 14:46
The Mole

Private document wrongly sent to press, shows Lib Dems count anyone earning £50,000 a year as rich


'Bongo bongo' scandal: is there a Tory plot behind the outrage?

Wed 7 Aug, AT 10:49
The Mole

Leak of Godfrey Bloom film follows Sunday Times report claiming Lynton Crosby aims to discredit UKIP politicians