78 die in Spanish rail crash: was train travelling far too fast?

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Thu 25 Jul, AT 10:20

Driver admits train approached sharp bend at more than twice the speed limit, claim local media

Flights grounded as millions join EU austerity protests

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Wed 14 Nov, AT 10:20

First arrests in Madrid as Spanish and Portuguese lead day of action against cuts and tax hikes

Spanish mayor hailed as 'Robin Hood' as he oversees looting

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Wed 15 Aug, AT 16:13

Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo ignores arrest warrant and prepares to march on Madrid

Alexander Cockburn

Occupy movement – gone but not forgotten

Thu 5 Jul, AT 10:24
Alexander Cockburn

The Occupy movement appeared dead and buried until the Barclays scandal erupted

Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy

Spain bailout 'due over weekend' - but only for the banks

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Fri 8 Jun, AT 13:24

Madrid is expected to ask EU for money to help its banks - but it will not be a full state bailout

Queen Sofia

Gibraltar row forces Queen of Spain to snub Diamond Jubilee do

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Thu 17 May, AT 09:18

Spanish government tells Queen Sofia to refuse Queen Elizabeth's invitation to Windsor Castle

Spain to announce banking reforms as euro slides again

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Fri 11 May, AT 13:16

Measures to overhaul ailing financial system expected as government races to restore confidence

Richard Ehrman

Spain on the brink: time to agree the euro is deeply flawed

Fri 13 Apr, AT 07:58
Richard Ehrman

If Spain tips over the edge, even the eurozone's blinkered elite must see that change is needed