Mt. Kinabalu
One-Minute Read
12 Jun, 2015

Four tourists in court after Malaysian tribes blamed nude prank for Mount Kinabalu earthquake

One-Minute Read
10 Feb, 2015

Malaysian opposition leader accuses judges of 'murdering judicial independence and integrity'

Relative of Malaysia Airlines passenger cries in Beijing
One-Minute Read
08 Mar, 2014

Boeing 777 carrying 227 passengers disappeared off coast of Vietnam

20 Nov, 2012

US president's demand for an end to violence in Rakhine helped take pressure off opposition leader

Panda at a zoo in Beijing
One-Minute Read
14 Jun, 2012

Hundreds of people post thinly-veiled charges of corruption on Facebook page as panda stunt backfires

Cardiff City red kit and new badge
06 Jun, 2012

Bluebirds' new look approved by board as Malaysian owners pour money into the club

Fernando Zylberberg
One-Minute Read
09 May, 2012

Argentina red-faced as hockey player who caused outrage looks unlikely to take part in London 2012

One-Minute Read
13 Feb, 2012

Journalist Hamza Kashgari could faces execution if found guilty of blasphemy in Saudi Arabia

Azizulhansi Awang
One-Minute Read
21 Feb, 2011

The Malaysian was skewered by a piece of wood after Keirin crash, but got back on his bike