mansion tax

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Mansion tax details: can Balls placate Melvyn and Glenda?

Tue 21 Oct, AT 11:29
The Mole

Labour’s plans for a mansion tax are now a little clearer: but what will the policy cost the party?

Miliband’s mansion tax will destroy London communities

Wed 24 Sep, AT 08:46
Robert Chesshyre

Already lawyers and bankers are taking over London neighbourhoods: this will make it easier for them

Ed Miliband at the Manchester Labour Party Conference

Ed Miliband plans mansion and tobacco tax to save the NHS

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Tue 23 Sep, AT 10:17

Labour leader tells party conference his six big goals to transform how the United Kingdom is run

Is Nick Clegg 7 years old? Mansion tax threat suggests answer is yes

Wed 29 May, AT 10:03
The Mole

Clegg said to be considering tit-for-tat threat if Tories and Labour join forces to get 'snooper's charter'

Cable and Clegg on the spot as Labour force mansion tax vote

Mon 11 Mar, AT 10:25
The Mole

If Lib Dems vote against the Labour motion, they'll be accused of their biggest U-turn since student fees

Clegg tells voter: 'remortgage' your home to pay mansion tax

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Wed 20 Feb, AT 14:17

Deputy PM defends tax and tells owner of £5m house it's unfair he should make 'pure profit' on rising value


£1 billion shortfall in 4G auction gives Osborne a new headache

Wed 20 Feb, AT 09:51
The Mole

Chancellor was expecting a billion more to help fund growth when he gave his Autumn Statement

Boris Johnson and sister split over Labour's mansion tax

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Mon 18 Feb, AT 10:46

The London mayor says Miliband's tax is 'un-British' but sister Rachel hails it as 'political Viagra'

Ed Miliband Labour conference

Ed Miliband woos voters and Lib Dems with mansion tax

First Reaction
Fri 15 Feb, AT 12:24

Labour leader's proposal to tax the homes of rich to help poorest pay less is judged to be smart politics