mansion tax

The Mole
21 Oct, 2014

Labour’s plans for a mansion tax are now a little clearer: but what will the policy cost the party?

24 Sep, 2014

Already lawyers and bankers are taking over London neighbourhoods: this will make it easier for them

Ed Miliband at the Manchester Labour Party Conference
23 Sep, 2014

Labour leader tells party conference his six big goals to transform how the United Kingdom is run

29 May, 2013

Clegg said to be considering tit-for-tat threat if Tories and Labour join forces to get 'snooper's charter'

11 Mar, 2013

If Lib Dems vote against the Labour motion, they'll be accused of their biggest U-turn since student fees

20 Feb, 2013

Deputy PM defends tax and tells owner of £5m house it's unfair he should make 'pure profit' on rising value

20 Feb, 2013

Chancellor was expecting a billion more to help fund growth when he gave his Autumn Statement

18 Feb, 2013

The London mayor says Miliband's tax is 'un-British' but sister Rachel hails it as 'political Viagra'

Ed Miliband Labour conference
15 Feb, 2013

Labour leader's proposal to tax the homes of rich to help poorest pay less is judged to be smart politics