Why George Osborne is forced to ignore Cable on homes tax

Tue 20 Nov, AT 09:21 Richard Ehrman

A council tax revaluation could hit seven million homes just before the next election. Bad idea

Are Osborne and Cameron right to scrap mansion tax?

Talking Point Mon 8 Oct, AT 16:39

Chancellor wins over Tories by scrapping property levy but two-thirds of public are not convinced

David Cameron

How many more Lib Dem 'deals' before Tories give up on coalition?

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Behind the scenes in Birmingham, more and more Tories say they'd rather run a minority government

Richard Ehrman

Do Lib Dems really want to be the party that soaks the middle class?

Wed 26 Sep, AT 08:11 Richard Ehrman

The mansion tax and other unspecified impositions risk putting the Lib Dems to the Left of Labour


Clegg incurs wrath of Sugar over free pensioner bus passes

Wed 26 Sep, AT 07:37 The Mole

Lib Dem leader can brush off Lord Sugar's insults, but it's the middle classes he needs to worry about

Clegg raids bank of mum and dad with 'pensions-for-property'

First Post Mon 24 Sep, AT 08:07

Lib Dem leader wants to let first-time buyers tap their parents' savings for a deposit


Michelle Obama speech didn't do women any favours

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Opinion Digest: female pols pushed to sidelines, plus opposing views of Tory economic strategy


Lib Dem bigwig calls for Nick Clegg to go as support crashes

Thu 30 Aug, AT 11:07 The Mole

Lord Oakeshott says any business in the Lib Dems' position would need to 'look very hard at its management'


Rich face double blow of honours reforms and Clegg tax

Wed 29 Aug, AT 08:52 The Mole

Lib Dem leader accused of going for 'easy clap line' after calling for 'time limited contribution' from the wealthy

Vince Cable

Cable's mansion tax is like an electric shock to the Tory heart

Talking Point Wed 7 Mar, AT 12:47

A mansion tax is about politics not economics, designed by the Lib Dems as an act of 'political violence'