Marc Bolland

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10 Jul, 2013

After another poor quarter for clothing sales, David Sieff says retailer must modernise quickly

Marks & Spencer
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09 Jul, 2013

Marc Bolland faces stormy shareholder meeting as key sector sales continue to fall

Marc Bolland M&S
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07 Jun, 2013

Comes after difficult year as M&S pre-tax profits down 5.8%

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06 Jun, 2013

Boost takes supermarket chief executive's salary up to £4.27m - and he could earn even more this year

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17 Apr, 2013

Why Janie Schaffer resigned, causing another headache for M&S chief Bolland as clothing sales fall

Marks and Spencer
11 Apr, 2013

'Jekyll and Hyde' retailer buoyed by food sales but analysts warn that CEO's 'judgement day' will come

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10 Apr, 2013

'Expectations are pretty low', says investor ahead of company's results

Marks & Spencer
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18 Mar, 2013

Gulf state planning swoop for British high street giant - but others have tried and failed before

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25 Feb, 2013

Sales drop in fashion line will heap pressure on beleaguered chief executive Marc Bolland

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10 Jan, 2013

CEO Marc Bolland under pressure over poor figures and there's speculation about a hostile bid