Margaret Hodge

07 Nov, 2013

Computer scientist speaks out as heads of GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 prepare to answer MPs' surveillance questions

10 Sep, 2013

In her north London council days they nicknamed her 'Enver Hodge'; now she's 'the nation's favourite battle-axe'

Crispin Black
10 Sep, 2013

Time to end the licence fee while BBC still has a brand to sell and before a possible public boycott takes hold

Ian Livingston of BT
26 Jul, 2013

Ian Livingston attacked Margaret Hodge's committee after BT was accused of 'blackmailing the public'

12 Jul, 2013

Whitehall officials spent four times as much on credit cards last year as ten years ago

24 Jun, 2013

Coffee chain makes £5m payment to Revenue in an effort to placate unimpressed customers

13 Jun, 2013

Margaret Hodge demands an end to 'sweetheart deals' but search giant enjoys close ties with senior pols

Marks and Spencer
20 May, 2013

Experts claim high street retailer is avoiding tax by using Ireland as a base for online sales

16 May, 2013

Report says government claims rail link will drive growth outside London not backed up by data

26 Apr, 2013

'Poachers turn gamekeepers turn poacher again' as big four firms allegedly exploit insider knowledge