Maria Miller

Computer Hacker
12 Feb, 2015

A new law has made it a crime to distribute sexual images of someone on the web without their consent

28 Apr, 2014

New Culture Secretary thinks ticket touts are 'classic entrepreneurs'. Not a good start, says Jennifer Daniel

The Mole
15 Apr, 2014

If wages are shown to be outstripping inflation, Labour's cost-of-living argument collapses

Don Brind
11 Apr, 2014

New poll suggests Cameron was wrong to stand by Miller as the Tories' 'Budget bounce' evaporates

The Mole
10 Apr, 2014

But the real winner from yesterday's Cabinet coup is George Osborne: will Boris ever catch up?

Former Culture Secretary Maria Miller drives away from Parliament after resigning
09 Apr, 2014

Women and Equalities job has to be split - because PM's candidate doesn't believe in gay marriage

The Mole
09 Apr, 2014

The scandal was losing the Tories votes, damaging the PM and overshadowing positive economic news

The Mole
07 Apr, 2014

As Thatcherites vent their feelings, new polls show Cameron has lost the 'Budget bounce'

06 Apr, 2014

MPs and public also turn on culture secretary