Marie Colvin

Farewell to brave Marie Colvin but there’s no let-up in Homs

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Tue 13 Mar, AT 07:44

Family and friends attend the war reporter’s funeral amid news of further atrocities by pro-Assad gunmen

Colvin's death prompts renewed calls for intervention in Syria

Talking Point
Thu 23 Feb, AT 12:57

But despite the journalist's death, a Libyan-style intervention is still a long way off

Marie Colvin in Chechnya

Colvin 'deliberately targeted' for reporting on Syrian killings

Thu 23 Feb, AT 07:53

Syrian forces may have 'locked on' to western journalists' satellite phone signals

Marie Colvin's death: the West must now face facts in Syria

Wed 22 Feb, AT 13:23
Robert Fox

There is little excuse for governments to ignore the massacres that Colvin so eloquently recorded

Marie Colvin in Chechnya

'A big deal in England' - Marie Colvin, Oyster Bay's local hero

Media Watch
Wed 22 Feb, AT 11:24

What retired teacher Rosemary Colvin told her local paper when her daughter was injured in Sri Lanka

Marie Colvin

Marie Colvin killed in shelling of Homs

One-Minute Read
Wed 22 Feb, AT 09:58

Only yesterday, Sunday Times journalist told BBC about the 'absolutely sickening' situation in Syrian city