Mario Draghi

07 Jun, 2013

Draghi: no directional change that would justify taking action at this time

28 May, 2013

Optimism on the menu as the CBI finds trade surging at hotels, bars and restaurants

24 May, 2013

'Europe needs a more European UK as much as the UK needs a more British Europe'

Robert Fox
11 Dec, 2012

He may be a fool, and he may face an underage sex charge, but he still connects with Italian people

07 Dec, 2012

Mario Draghi, European Central Bank president, says interest rates may have to be cut

George Soros
10 Sep, 2012

German stance risks collapse of the currency union and ultimately the political union as well, says financier

Richard Ehrman
07 Sep, 2012

If the eurozone is to be saved, it will have to be by its political leaders - not its central bankers

Mario Draghi
07 Sep, 2012

Markets rally on ECB chief’s bold gamble but few believe it will save the euro in the long term

First ECB Council meeting with Mario Draghi
06 Sep, 2012

But there will be strings attached when European Central Bank boss unveils his plans today