Marion Cotillard

14 Dec, 2012

Daniel Day-Lewis and Steven Spielberg lead nominations for the January movie awards

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01 Nov, 2012

New French film opens to critical acclaim – but use of captive killer whales angers activists

20 Jul, 2012

A sinewy crime epic that makes a 'skin-prickling' finale to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy

Brad Pitt to go to Cannes
19 Apr, 2012

Wes Anderson's comedy Moonrise Kingdom set to open this year's Cote d'Azur film festival

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14 Apr, 2011

Film of the week: French director casts his girlfriend in this intimate ensemble film, to great effect

Penelope Cruz in Nine
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02 Feb, 2010

Nominated for: best supporting actress, Penelope Cruz

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02 Jul, 2009

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