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Alibaba flotation: what you need to know about the Chinese giant

Briefing Mon 15 Sep, AT 10:24

Few in the west understand Alibaba's vast e-commerce empire, even as it prepares for its New York flotation

Bill Gates

Ice bucket challenge: why are celebrities getting soaked?

Briefing Mon 18 Aug, AT 12:39

Internet is awash with videos of Justin Bieber and and Bill Gates drenching themselves with ice water

Fly me to the moon: Oculus Rift is just the beginning

Tue 8 Apr, AT 08:01 Edie Lush

Will Zuckerberg keep to his promise to promote virtual reality outside of the world of gamers?

Oculus Headset

Oculus: why has Facebook bought virtual gaming company for $2bn?

First Reaction Wed 26 Mar, AT 09:49

Tech community divided by Facebook's purchase of much-hyped virtual reality firm Oculus VR

Can Mark Zuckerberg lecture Barack Obama on privacy?

Talking Point Fri 14 Mar, AT 16:39

Zuckerberg has often been accused of a lax attitude to internet privacy, but the NSA revelations may have changed that

Top billionaires: who is the richest person in the world?

Summary Mon 3 Mar, AT 16:09

Facebook helps WhatsApp founders onto Forbes's rich list, while Bill Gates regains his spot at the top


Facebook: How will it fare in the next ten years?

First Reaction Tue 4 Feb, AT 15:21

As Facebook celebrates its tenth birthday, questions are being asked: will it continue to soar – or fall by the wayside?

America's richest now worth more than Russia's GDP

Brief Tue 17 Sep, AT 12:38

Bill Gates once again tops 'Forbes' list as US billionaires' total wealth reaches record high


Twitter in talks over $9bn stock market flotation

Brief Mon 2 Sep, AT 12:39

Social networking site follows in Facebook's footsteps with public debut, but top execs fear similar disaster

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Embarrassment for Facebook as Zuckerberg's profile hacked

One-Minute Read Mon 19 Aug, AT 16:20

Web developer hacked CEO's profile page after security team ignored his warnings about glitch