Full moon over Albert Bridge
24 Jul, 2015

A rumour is doing the rounds that there will be a 'spectacular double moon' in the sky in late August but astronomers say it's all nonsense

20 Jan, 2014

'We were absolutely startled,' admit scientists as Opportunity Rover captures image of new rock

Mars Curiosity Rover artists impression
13 Mar, 2013

Curiosity discovers more evidence of water and the possibility of life on the red planet

Mars Curiosity Rover artists impression
21 Nov, 2012

Nasa says announcement 'for the history books' is coming... once they have checked the data

17 Sep, 2012

A week after disowning the Scottish snack, the confectionery company performs a U-turn

28 Aug, 2012

First high-resolution colour image shows geological feature that is the reverse of the Grand Canyon

06 Aug, 2012

Sophisticated lab has landed safely on the red planet and is already sending back data

Mars ocean
07 Feb, 2012

Sea would have existed billions of years ago, but probably did not harbour life

12 Dec, 2011

Earth-like microbes could survive in large parts of the Red Planet, according to study