Jam doughnut rock spotted on Mars leaves Nasa baffled

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Mon 20 Jan, AT 14:12

'We were absolutely startled,' admit scientists as Opportunity Rover captures image of new rock

Mars Curiosity Rover artists impression

Life on Mars: could microbes have travelled to Earth?

First Reaction
Wed 13 Mar, AT 15:25

Curiosity discovers more evidence of water and the possibility of life on the red planet

Mars Curiosity Rover artists impression

Curiosity find: what has Nasa probe discovered on Mars?

Talking Point
Wed 21 Nov, AT 16:06

Nasa says announcement 'for the history books' is coming... once they have checked the data

Mars ‘proud’ of deep-fried chocolate bar after all

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Mon 17 Sep, AT 15:38

A week after disowning the Scottish snack, the confectionery company performs a U-turn

Mars rover takes colour picture of three-mile-high mountain

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Tue 28 Aug, AT 09:40

First high-resolution colour image shows geological feature that is the reverse of the Grand Canyon

Nasa delight as rover Curiosity touches down on Mars

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Mon 6 Aug, AT 08:54

Sophisticated lab has landed safely on the red planet and is already sending back data

Mars ocean

Scientists find 'strong evidence' for ancient ocean on Mars

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Tue 7 Feb, AT 12:59

Sea would have existed billions of years ago, but probably did not harbour life

More of Mars is habitable than earth, say scientists

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Mon 12 Dec, AT 15:14

Earth-like microbes could survive in large parts of the Red Planet, according to study

Has 'Mars curse' hit a 19th Russian space probe?

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Wed 9 Nov, AT 15:39

Phobos-Grunt spacecraft is languishing in Earth Orbit – scientists have three days to fix it