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Batman massacre suspect could be declared insane

One-Minute Read
Mon 7 Jan, AT 13:47

Gunman James Holmes may not have to face trial; victims' families hurt by cinema re-opening

Sandy Hook massacre: killer's mother was a 'big, big gun fan'

Sun 16 Dec, AT 10:40

Nancy Lanza taught her son Adam how to shoot: he then shot her in the face before going on his rampage

Sandy Hook school massacre: six questions answered

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Sat 15 Dec, AT 08:59

A tearful President Obama pledges 'meaningful action' after 20 children die in Connecticut

Israeli missile 'error' kills nine members of Gaza family

One-Minute Read
Mon 19 Nov, AT 08:59

Air strike meant for leader of Hamas rocket teams kills nine members of the wrong family

Seventeen beheaded by Taliban for mixed-sex dancing

One-Minute Read
Mon 27 Aug, AT 11:45

Afghans say mixed-sex party ended in killings by fundamental Islamist group

Massacre of over 200 feared in Syrian village of Tremseh

One-Minute Read
Fri 13 Jul, AT 08:53

Attack on rebel village by helicopter gunships and tanks followed up by executions, according to activists

Bashar al-Assad

Children among 78 feared dead in fresh Syrian 'massacre'

First Post
Thu 7 Jun, AT 09:10

Pressure mounts on President Assad as pro-government shabiha militia accused of second massacre in two weeks

Anders Behring Breivik

Breivik had 'Aryan' nose job and wanted to be like Beckham

One-Minute Read
Wed 30 May, AT 11:17

Bizarre claims from Anders Breivik's friends paint picture of vain 'metrosexual' loner

Homs child, Syria

Houla: West acts but what can be done against Assad?

Talking Point
Wed 30 May, AT 11:15

Britain, France and the US expel Syrian diplomats after weekend atrocity as calls for military intervention grow


Syria sits in a region in flames. Diplomacy is a must

Opinion digest
Tue 29 May, AT 11:29

Opinion digest: Syrian military intervention, the new energy bill and the Murdoch's power over Blair