Max Hastings

28 May, 2013

Britain succeeds in lifting EU's ban on sending arms to rebels, but opinion is split on possible outcomes

26 Mar, 2013

The disappointing PM: Daily Telegraph slams Cameron's 'erratic judgment' and 'casual insensitivity' to Tory MPs

21 Mar, 2013

What Matthew Parris of The Times and Max Hastings of the Mail thought of Osborne's performance

24 Jan, 2013

While David Cameron will be framing today's Mail front page, for Ed Miliband it was a day to forget

30 Nov, 2012

Ex-editor denounces misguided missile, while one investigative reporter says there's nothing to fear

11 Jul, 2012

Opinion Digest: what happened to the People's Games? – and what should happen to Nick Clegg

03 Apr, 2012

'Special relationship' with US only goes so far, says Max Hastings

Sir Max Hastings and Prince Charles
19 Dec, 2010

Will Charles ever be king? Not if Max Hastings has anything to do with it…