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Women holding je suis Charlie sign

Charlie Hebdo: why was the satirical magazine attacked?

Wed 7 Jan, AT 15:55

The 'barbaric attack' on Charlie Hebdo that left 12 dead is not the first time the magazine has been targeted

Jonathan Trott quits Ashes: fury over Aussie press reaction

First Reaction
Tue 26 Nov, AT 13:37

Newspapers accused of taking 'cheap shots' as batsman returns home with stress illness

Rupert Murdoch

Has Rupert Murdoch's love affair with England ended?

First Post
Mon 2 Jul, AT 08:30

Volley of abusive tweets at David Cameron suggests Murdoch is fed up with the PM – and the rest of us

Person reading Sunday Times

News Corp confirms split of publishing and entertainment

First Post
Thu 28 Jun, AT 15:45

Rupert Murdoch announces separation of assets as one-time rival Fairfax goes for radical restructure too

Rupert Murdoch

Can News Corp split help deliver Murdoch his BSkyB dream?

Talking Point
Wed 27 Jun, AT 14:39

Several analysts refuse to believe hiving off newspapers will help media magnate win over Ofcom

Rupert Murdoch

Murdoch considers News Corp split: what does it mean?

First Post
Tue 26 Jun, AT 13:52

Hiving off the newspapers from the profitable film and TV business would please shareholders and stop the rot

Missing, presumed dead: Sun's 'Lord Lucan interview'

Media Watch
Sun 26 Feb, AT 11:40

Did Rupert Murdoch really hope for an interview with missing peer for first Sunday edition?

Inspector Morse in a pub

Bid to stop cops and hacks drinking together is bad timing

Point of View
Wed 4 Jan, AT 15:06

No flirting, no boozing, no nothing – Dame Elizabeth’s warning to police is misguided and mistimed

Virginia Tech: Citizen journalists seize the day

Wed 18 Apr, AT 22:30

How Virginia Tech’s student bloggers scooped the mainstream media during shooting