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media ethics

New laws needed to stop 'trial by Twitter', says Lord Leveson

First Reaction
Fri 7 Dec, AT 10:11

And there's the unending punishment, and no prospect of rehabilitation, by Google, says judge

Will David Cameron refuse to toe Lord Leveson's line?

First Post
Sun 25 Nov, AT 09:09

The PM must decide this week how to regulate newspapers when media ethics inquiry reports findings

Mail declares war on Leveson and warns of left-wing 'coup'

Media Watch
Fri 16 Nov, AT 09:38

Paper accuses 'liberal Establishment' of putting freedom of speech under threat


Police abuse of power is shameful: it’s time for a Leveson

Opinion digest
Fri 14 Sep, AT 12:11

Opinion digest: what the Hillsborough scandal reveals about the police, plus Europe’s defence dream

Naked Prince Harry pictures: British media in turmoil

Talking Point
Wed 22 Aug, AT 14:42

Leveson inquiry blamed for scaring the press as London papers steer clear of nude Harry pics

Tabloids are running scared of Leveson, claims Max Clifford

Media Watch
Thu 15 Dec, AT 08:59

Will celebrity journalism ever be the same again, asks the reality stars’ go-to PR man?

Church sang for Murdoch and Deng ‘in return for good press’

One-Minute Read
Mon 28 Nov, AT 15:56

Singer claims she waived £100,000 fee to perform for media baron – and never received the favourable coverage