Knox and Sollecito: justice revisited in prime time

Wed 5 Feb, AT 11:17 Andrea Vogt

A soundbite in the court of public opinion is so much easier than wading through all that legal evidence

Raffaele Sollecito

Raffaele Sollecito 'picked up on border' after guilty conviction

One-Minute Read Fri 31 Jan, AT 11:05

Amanda Knox's ex found by flying squad hours after conviction for Kercher murder was reinstated

Amanda Knox is a convicted killer: the decision is (almost) final

Fri 31 Jan, AT 10:30 Andrea Vogt

The media may take her side, but Amanda Knox's guilt has been upheld by a serious court of law

Amanda Knox's fugitive fears: she's right to be worried

Thu 16 Jan, AT 12:35 Andrea Vogt

More than six years after Meredith Kercher’s death, Amanda Knox is about to discover her fate

Amanda Knox retrial: why is the case back in court?

Briefing Mon 30 Sep, AT 12:06

Supreme Court to re-examine theory that Meredith Kercher died in a sex game that went wrong

Amanda Knox becomes cub reporter at local newspaper

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West Seattle Herald claims it just wanted to give Amanda Knox the opportunity of a 'normal life'

Amanda Knox hugs and kisses ex lover at 'secret meeting'

First Reaction Thu 20 Jun, AT 15:56

Emotional reunion in New York fuels rumours Knox and Raffaele Sollecito are back together as retrial looms

Dismal sales of Perugia memoir leave Amanda Knox in a fix

Tue 21 May, AT 15:59 Andrea Vogt

Sales of Waiting to be Heard are way down on US expectations – and the lawyers' bills are mounting

Amanda Knox tells Diane Sawyer it 'could happen to anyone'

One-Minute Read Tue 30 Apr, AT 10:39

Woman jailed for Meredith Kercher's murder says she's not a 'she-devil with an angel's face'

Amanda Knox book reveals she is 'proud' of one-night stands

First Reaction Mon 29 Apr, AT 12:15

American's memoir discusses her sexual history and a letter she wrote to Meredith Kercher's parents